COVID-19 Information

Dear Patients,

We know the past couple of weeks have been difficult with all the information changing and the economy wavering in the face of this illness. We hope all of you and your family is safe and secure Susarla Primary Care is working hard to help calm fears and make plans for this ever-changing target that is COVID-19. We are remaining open and are taking the following steps to help you be seen for your needs.


  1. TeleVisits via telephone and video chats are available now. Contact us to schedule a call from your Healthcare Provider.
  2. We are working on additional TeleMedicine options to provide video calls so we can see our patients remotely. This would be for sick visits, not COVID, but other illnesses and well visits. Things that cannot be done by TeleVisit include: Physicals, gyne and pelvic exams, and immunizations.
  3. If you have a cough, cold, fever, etc please DO NOT come to our office. Please call the office and we can triage you to see if a visit is necessary.
  4. We are giving all patients, the option to please wait in their car after they are checked in to wait on being called back.
  5. All patients who call, portal message, or email asking about testing for COVID are being asked to make a telephone encounter visit. We can request a COVID test from the state. We are not testing anyone. The hospitals and their affiliated clinics are priority in receiving these items.
  6. Advocate Aurora Health has setup a COVID19 hotline at 1-866-443-2584.


  1. We will be cleaning the handheld pads after each use, cleaning the lobby often, and the rooms after each patient use. In addition, the exam room keyboards, mice, wall hand sanitizer dispensers, door handles and sinks wiped down after each patient leaves as well.
  2. We’re continuing to learn more and monitor the situation as it develops.

We understand as more people become infected this plan may change. The most important thing is good communication, and quick adaptability. We pray for you and your family to remain safe, calm, and faithful during this time.

For questions please email or call one of our two locations.

Our Locations

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