How to Practice Intermittent Fasting (and Feasting) During the Holidays

The holidays are a time when we give into our weaknesses with food. Dinner parties, holiday dessert swaps, desserts, and more surrounds us all the time.

Practicing intermittent fasting is quite a challenge with all of these temptations. However, we can keep our healthy lifestyle going if we follow these few simple guidelines:

  • SKIP BREAKFAST! You must skip breakfast everyday. Skip breakfast even if there are a bunch of treats around you. You will give your digestive system a rest, keep the fat burning (ketosis) going, and subsequent feasting later in the day will be more fun and rewarding.
    For example, on November 30, I went to a Friendsgiving party and was eating until 1030 pm. On December 1, I made sure my first meal was around 2 pm or later.
  • DON’T SNACK! It is so easy to snack during the holidays. There are cookies, cakes, donuts, and more surrounding us all the time. You should maintain about 4-5 hours between your meals. This will keep your body in a “semi-fasted” state. Eat your holiday treats with your main meal, that too, make it a small portion
  • DON’T NIBBLE WHILE COOKING Holidays are a time to try out the latest pinterest recipe for anything and everything. As you cook, don’t keep nibbling away at what you are making. Allot yourself one or two spoonfuls to sample and then stop.
  • Make fasting a tradition with your family. In order to keep on your schedule of intermittent fasting, include your family! Have your kids and partner skip breakfast with you, plan the meals together, and make it a group activity. This will make fasting much easier for you.

These fasting tips will help you increase your energy during the holiday season. You will sleep better, feel better, and be more alert. And when you want to eat, decrease your sugar intake.

Good luck!

Happy Holidays from Dr Susarla and staff!