Work and School Tips For COVID Lockdowns

We are facing a big challenge this fall…many of us have to work and homeschool our kids. How are we going to cope with these added stressors? How are we going to take care of yourself? How are we going to manage these multiple responsibilities? Are you gaining weight and losing sleep?

Here are some tips to keep you sane and working with consistent performance.

  1. Create a routine. Maintaining a daily routine will help everyone stay organized and keep the day going smoothly. Each family member should write out a schedule and pin it on the wall so everyone can see. Just resist the temptation of a “screen time free-for-all” . Keep their screen time as earned time.
  2. Be up front with your boss. Let your boss know you will be juggling with home schooling and work simultaneously. This is a global pandemic, and you are not the only one in this situation. Let them know you are committed to maintaining a level of excellence he/she expects, but needs some flexibility in meetings times, etc.
  3. Define a workspace! Have everyone in the house create a space to do their work. Kids need to create their own “desk” so they can continue their e-learning. Parents need to find an area of the house to continue the virtual meetings and other tasks. The workspace areas should stay consistent day by day.
  4. Get dressed like you are going to work or school. It is tempting to slop around in pajamas all day. Try to resist this. Getting dressed like a casual Friday day will impact your moods and attitude positively.
  5. Take breaks through the day. You should create breaks with your kids to stretch, relax, smile, and laugh.
  6. Take care of your mental and physical health! My suggestion is make early mornings a time to workout and get your mind prepped for the busy day. This is way to clear your mind and get the endorphins going for the day.
  7. Turn off your computer at 8 pm. After 8 pm spend time decompressing. Prepare your mind to wind down the evening. This will prevent insomnia.
  8. Continue to set fasting and healthy eating goals! I know we are all eating and drinking due to some underlying anxiety and depression. Restart your healthy lifestyle by creating longer and longer fasting goals. For example, the first week fast for 12 hours, then following week 13 hours. You can work yourself up to a 16 hour fast daily quickly..

Good luck! Again, make sure you serve yourself before serving anyone else. 🙂