Intermittent Fasting Can Help Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes has become a large epidemic in the United States. Currently about 330 million people have Type 2 Diabetes. This is projected to climb to 550 million by year 2050!! Very concerning. Why? Because Diabetes directly and indirectly increases mortality and shortens life span. For example diabetes is associated with increased heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, dementia and cancer. Diabetes is … Read More

Fasting and Growth Hormones

Let’s continue talking about fasting. I receive many questions from patients about : “Can fasting cause muscle wasting” OR “How can you fast and workout at the same time?” The answer is: “no fasting doesn’t cause muscle wasting, and yes you can (and should) work out during fasting for added benefits.” Let me explain. Fasting causes HGH (human growth hormone) … Read More

How Autophagy Cleanses Your Body

What is autophagy? What role does it have in fasting? How is it good for you? First, let’s break down the word autophagy. AUTO= SELF PHAGY= TO EAT So , autophagy literally means to eat oneself. Now, why would we want to fast and start the process of “autophagy”? This is the body’s mechanism of getting rid of clutter and … Read More

How does intermittent fasting decrease sugar cravings?

We ALL crave sugar. Sugar in all forms. You are not alone! We love chocolate, cupcakes, bread, and the list goes on. However, sugar is highly inflammatory in our body. Type 2 diabetes and/or insulin resistance from prolonged exposure to high blood sugar levels is also linked to higher rates of Alzheimer’s and cancer. Newer research has shown inflammation in … Read More

How to prevent getting HANGRY during fasting?

What is HANGRY? Hangry is a term that combines hunger with angry. It is an adjective that describes irritability during hunger. How can you prevent from getting HANGRY during fasting? Here are 5 easy tips: Don’t mistake dehydration for hunger. Quite often, when hunger waves come, we are dehydrated rather than hungry. Make sure you keep your stomach filled with … Read More

Keep it simple Doc, how do I start fasting?

After I started posting about intermittent fasting, I have many patients asking more and more information about a good starting point. “I have never done a fast before, how can I even get started?” Intermittent fasting is a practice where you don’t eat for an extended period of time. This has tremendous health benefits such as weight loss, reducing inflammation, … Read More

Learn About Arthritis

I see osteoarthritis in almost every patient over the age of 40. “Doc my knees are killing me,” says the patient with a BMI over 30. “I screwed up my hips by playing so much basketball over the years,” says the patient with poor posture and a BMI of 25. There are three main contributing factors of osteoarthritis: -OBESITY -OVERUSE … Read More

What It’s Like to Start Fasting

“Why do you fast? You are nuts!” “OMG! I could never fast. I would pass out” “Why are you on a starvation diet?” These are the many questions friends, family, patients, and colleagues as me when I started fast about 2 years ago. When I hear the remarks, I often chuckle to myself thinking “if only they knew the reason … Read More

What You Should Know About Colon Cancer

What is colon cancer? The colon, also called the large intestine, is a long tube that carries digested food from the small intestine to the anus. Colon cancer is an abnormal growth that can begin anywhere in the colon. It can spread to other parts of the body and lead to death. Colon cancer is common in both men and … Read More

What is coronary artery disease (CAD)?

Coronary artery disease also is called CAD or coronary heart disease. It occurs when the blood vessels (coronary arteries) that carry blood to your heart harden. The thickening looks like a fatty substance. It is called plaque. As it builds up inside the walls of the arteries, it blocks blood flow to your heart. That blockage could cause angina (squeezing … Read More